School Times


  • The official school hours are 8.50 a.m. to 3.10 pm for EYFS and KS1 and 8.50 am to 3.15 pm for KS2.
  • Children can enter the building from 8.40am with their teacher to enable us to complete registration by 8.50am
  • The gates will be opened just prior to 8.40am
  • At the beginning of the day, all teachers will be outside by 8.40am ready to receive their class. Focussed learning will begin as soon as the children enter school.
  • Teachers are on duty either in their classroom or on the playground 10 minutes before and after official school hours.
  • Teachers should be available to see parents briefly during the above times. Only in exceptional circumstances will staff have time to speak at length with parents at the beginning of the day. If a parent wishes to speak with staff in more detail, an appointment should be made. If the parents wish to discuss an urgent matter they are encouraged to contact the office.
  • Breaktime is from 10.45am to 11.00am
  • At breaktimes, staff will be in their classroom promptly at 11.00am to meet their children as they are sent in from the playground.
  • Lunchtime is from 12.00pm to 1.00pm
  • At lunchtimes, the whistle blows at 12.55pm in order that classes can be brought in and sat down ready for learning by 1.00pm.
  • School finishes for Reception at 3.10pm and parents come on to the bottom playground to collect their children. KS1 chidren also finish at 3.10pm and the class teacher will bring them to the gates to meet parents.
  • KS2 pupils finish their day at 3.15pm




  • There is an assembly timetable.
  • Teachers base their assemblies on the assembly theme for the given week.
  • Assemblies usually begin at 10.30am and end at 10.45am; with the exception of Fridays (merit assembly) when they begin at 2.40pm. These assemblies normally finish around 3.10pm
  • Parents are invited to a Friday Celebration Assembly (was Merit Assembly) which takes place every week. These assemblies are for celebrating achievements.
  • Monday morning assemblies are for singing practice.