The Curriculum at Newcroft

Newcroft Primary School Curriculum

At Newcroft we endeavour to make our curriculum as creative as possible. Children learn through themes which they have an input in choose. The theme is then applied to all aspects of the curriculum in a variety of ways including outdoor learning and Computing. We have updated our curriculum in line with the new National Curriculum and we're excited about the new learning we'll be offering.

Newcroft Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Policy
Curriculum, Learning Teaching Policy 20[...]
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At Newcroft Primary Academy, it is our understanding that effective teaching is exhibited when -

  • Children are enjoying the learning experience;
  • Learning is at the heart of all high quality teaching;
  • The teacher has good subject knowledge;
  • The teacher plans, explains & delivers clear learning objectives;
  • The teacher uses methods/organisation which enable all pupils to learn effectively (including target setting);
  • The teacher challenges and inspires pupils;
  • The teacher has a clear understanding of the progression of skills in all subject areas;
  • The teacher uses time and resources (which include support staff) effectively to maximise learning;
  • The teacher uses assessments to help pupils learn;
  • The teacher understands how to achieve an effective classroom climate to raise achievement and learning;
  • The teacher uses homework to reinforce school learning;
  • Promotes equal opportunities regardless of gender, race & ability;
  • The children are able to show independence, creativity and perseverance;
  • Children have a clear understanding of the next steps in their learning.


The Curriculum

Our objectives are to:

  • plan, teach, assess, deliver & monitor a curriculum that reflects the expectations of the National curriculum as an entitlement for all children regardless of age, gender & race;
  • enable all pupils to work in an atmosphere that is exciting, stimulating and challenging in order for them to develop into independent learners.;
  • provide the children with a wide range of opportunities, resources & teaching styles to promote knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • actively promote the principle that all pupils should be encouraged to become independent learners.


They will be taught to collect and use information from a wide variety of sources and make sensible choices in all aspects of their learning. We make our curriculum:

  • broad (including before and after school opportunities), so that children are given a wide view of the world about them;
  • balanced, so that they are offered appropriate amounts of time depending on the importance of the subjects they are studying;
  • coherent, so that the children can make connections between subjects, where they overlap and interconnect;
  • differentiated, so that children of different abilities are taught areas of the curriculum at their level, and are not prevented from making progress;
  • continuous and progressive, so that children move smoothly from one stage to the next, at their pace and level of understanding.


We follow the National Curriculum and updated our curriculum in line with the New National Curriculum from September 2014.