General information about Newcroft Primary Academy

The school has stood on the current site since 1982 and was built as a result of the old school 'Hallcrofft' burning to the ground. We have a wonderful open-plan building with ample grounds for the children to explore and expand their learning.


In September 2016, the school (Newcroft Primary School) converted to become an Academy called Newcroft Primary Academy.


We value each child at our school and we aim to inspire them through an exciting range of learning oppoortunities, equipping them to be as successful as possible in future years.


We believe very strongly in the need to encourage aspiration amongst the whole school community. Seeing is believing, so please visit us at school when you get a chance!

Facts and figures at a glance

Newcroft Primary School founded:   1982
Newcroft Primary Academy Founded   2016
Type of school:   Primary
Number of pupils:   260
Teaching classes:   10