Years 4 and 5

Mrs Shelley - Mrs Holmes - Miss Ogle

We have three classes of mixed Year 4 and 5 pupils.

The teachers work very closely together to plan exciting learning opportunities for the children. Here are some of the things we've been learning this term

Autumn 1

Condover Hall Residential 8-12th September 2014


Wow! What a wonderful week! 


Twenty-nine Year 4/5 pupils, along with Mrs Gamble, Mr Tompkins and Mrs Holmes have just experienced an amazing adventure at Condover Hall. The weather favoured us with warmth and sunshine, and Mrs Gamble, our official photographer, was on hand to capture the all of the action!

We worked in three small groups, each with an adult from Newcroft and a JCA instructor from Condover Hall. Our first task was to decide on names for our teams and so “The Crazy Crocodiles”, “The Crazy Snot Vipers”, and “The White Shadows” were born! Developing a team spirit was an essential ingredient of the week, and became evident when the children urged each other on to overcome their  fears, achieve or exceed their targets and work together during activities requiring team work.

While there, the children (and the staff), were guided, encouraged and challenged by our excellent instructors who always had our safety in mind. Helmeted, harnessed and secured by ropes, the daring feats of Climbing, Abseiling, Zip Wire and the ultimate challenge of the” Leap of Faith” were undertaken.  These activities extended each individual, as they were asked to set themselves personal targets – and many surprised themselves by exceeding their own expectations. The expressions of delight, pride and amazement at their achievements were a joy to behold.

Team work was needed in the Raft- and Buggy Building exercises, as were knot tying skills – loose fastenings made for wobbly axles! The Lazer Maze, Grid of Stones and Tunnelling all required teams to work together in order to achieve their objective.

An afternoon at the lake, dressed in wet-suits, helmets and buoyancy aids, provided the opportunity to tackle kayaking, and after some initial experiments with paddling forwards and backwards, turning and stopping, we played games and had races. Most of us ended up jumping or sliding off the kayaks into the lake at the end of the session! Many of the children enjoyed the chance to do what they are never allowed to do in a swimming pool – run along a pier and “bomb” into the water!

Every night, after dinner, we had evening events: Mini-Olympics; Giant Cluedo, Dance Mania and the Silent Disco. We certainly have some movers and shakers who can bust some moves and throw some shapes on the dance floor!

After a week packed full of fun and adventure, we all returned home, tired but exhilarated.  Progress and attainment cannot always be measured in exercise books, and we are sure that the photographs Mrs Gamble has taken provide evidence that your children have made outstanding advances in their personal development this week.

The children proved to be excellent ambassadors for Newcroft, and the staff who worked with us made a point of commenting on how impressed they were with the behaviour and attitudes they displayed. We were all awarded a certificate to mark the event and I’m certain that it will be an experience that will remain in our collective memories for years to come.

Mrs L Holmes


Meanwhile, the remaining children had a fantastic week promoting healthy eating and fitness across the school (even to the teachers!!) They worked really hard on putting together fitness routines for children to join in with on the playground and designed their own healthy fruit and vegetable breaktime snacks. Take a look below to see an example of a fitness routine and plenty of photos of the children preparing their healthy snacks...


In maths we have been focussing on the four operations to get our calculation skills right up to scratch! This has involved practising how to set out calculations correctly and applying this learning to problem solving activities and investigations.


Our Extreme Earth topic has gone down a storm!!!

On Wednesday Tornado McCloed hit, causing devastation and destruction in the Year 4/5 bases! We carried out lots of drama work to empathise with people who have suffered the trauma of a natural disaster. We then wrote about our feelings, thoughts and verbal reactions.

Feeling devastated at the state of our classroom!

All in all, a brilliant first half term Year 4/5. Let's keep up the fantastic attitude to work. See you next half term, ready and raring to go for our 'Chocolate' topic!

Autumn 2


In maths we have been focussing on applying our number skills to problem solving situations. We have exercising our brains by doing tarsia puzzles, word problems and even working out fractions through musical rhythms!!


During this half term we have been using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a stimulus for writing. We have created our own chocolate raps, newspaper reports, suspense stories and completed a chocolate poem challenge to turn a chocolate hater into a chocolate lover and make them want to visit Cadbury World!


We’ve had Willy Wonka’s team of scientists working in the Chocolate Lab this term to carry out experiments involving changes of state. This has included learning about the scientific processes involved in making jelly and we even designed and made our own giant chocolate ‘Fusion’ bars, discussing the reversible changes involved.


Visits and visitors

We had a very exciting trip to Cadbury World this term, where we learned about the history of chocolate, its trip to Europe and how Cadbury built their mammoth business from a small corner shop. We even got to taste some delicious, warm, melted chocolate – YUM!

We were also lucky enough to have St John’s Ambulance come in to teach us basic first aid skills, including how to put someone in the recovery position.





This term we have learnt about how chocolate all started with the ‘Story of the Cacao Tree’. The Aztecs used to drink hot chocolate and introduced it to Hernandez Cortes and the Spanish conquistadores, which is how it found its way to Europe. Through research, we have deepened our knowledge of the Aztecs, presenting our findings creatively. We have studied Aztec artwork and created masks which they used to use for decorative and ceremonial purposes. We have also designed chocolate bar wrappers for our giant chocolate ‘Fusion’ bars.


We have rounded off a successful term with our Christmas production, where Year4/5 have been involved in narrating, the choir, the band, technical production and in beautifully singing our Year group’s song ‘Oh Holy Night’.




Code Club

The year 4 and 5 children have been enjoying attending the 'Code Club' on Friday's afterschool to develop their Computer programming skills.


A volunteer 'Minesh' has been on hand to provide projects and advice.  


The children have been creative and after exploring one game by themselves, they were taking photos of their hats and cutting around them and using these images in their games.


Their latest project is making a 'pong game' where two paddles are used to bat the ball and try to get past their opponent and score a goal.


Take a look at the photos.