Year 3 - Mrs Atkinson 2014-2015

Mrs Atkinson

We have one Year 3 class, taught by Mrs Atkinson.


Summer Term 2 - To Infinity and Beyond

Our final topic is now at an end and again we have had an exciting time. We are now looking forward to the Planetarium that is visiting on Friday. Thank you to all parents who have provided cakes for the cake stall at the Summer Fair in order to raise money for this event.


Year 3's half term newsletter Summer Ter[...]
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Spring Term 2 - Ancient Egypt

Once again we have really enjoyed our topic this half term. Read the Newsletter below to find out about the exciting activities we have been doing and the amazing learning that has taken place!

Year 3's half term newsletter Spring Ter[...]
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Spring Term 1 - Ingenious Inventions


Year 3 have been amazing this half term and lots of progress has been made. We have really enjoyed our topic  and have written some excellent letters persuading Grandpa to make our shirt designs using his Shirt Machine! We have written explanation texts about how machines work and we composed our own stories based on the Stone Statue that comes alive!

Please read the Newsletter below to find out more about what has been happening in Year 3!


Next half term we will be learning all about the Ancient Egyptians!


Have a good half term.


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Autumn Term 2 - Hunters



This half term we have been privileged to work alongside Leicester University and Dr Attard, who is an Historian and archaeologist. We have learnt such alot about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

We thank Dr Attard for all her hard work and enthusiasm, she has really made a difference to our learning this half term.


This is Charley, he has helped us to learn all about our History topic!

This was our Rot or Not activity to understand what type of artefacts Archaeologists find in the ground and why.

We created a human timeline so we could understand how long the Stone Age Period of History really was. We used an enormous ball of wool, which was different colours, to show the different periods of history and how long they lasted for.

We were very lucky to handle some extremely precious artefacts that Dr Attard borrowed from a museum. Dr Attard told us that we are the only children in Leicestershire to handle them, we felt very special!!


To understand how a Stone Age pot was made, we used clay and natural materials to make our own. We made a coiled pot with clay and then used leaves, twigs, bone, feathers and stones to decorate it just like they would have done in the Stone Age.

Our finished pots!


Design and Technology

We have also been busy in Design and Technology making a Flinstone type vehicle!

We have been very lucky to have Miss Mildoon-Callaway, a student teacher from Nottingham Trent, who has helped us to learn how to make a chassis, create the side panels and even get our vehicles to move using wheels and axles! Our measuring, cutting and gluing skills are  much better now!

Look what we have made!



In Science we have been learning about the Human Skeleton. We labelled the different bones and learnt scientific names such as the patella for the knee bone.



As you can see we have had another very busy half term and lots of new learning has taken place.

We are now looking forward to the school Christmas Nativity and our Christmas Holidays! 


May Year 3 staff take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Davis and Miss Mildoon-Callaway


Autumn Term 1 - Islands

We have had a really busy time in Year 3 and here are some of the exciting things we have been doing:




In Maths we have been working together to develop our understanding of place value. We have ordered and compared numbers using the sign < and >


We have also sorted 2D shapes using a Venn Diagram



In Literacy we have really enjoyed reading and watching Nim's Island.

From this adventure story we have written character profiles, discussed settings, written dream and nightmare Island descriptions, written our own solution to the story and even invented our own adventure stories.


We hot seated Nim and dad to find out more about their characters and personality.


Thomas was hot seated as Nim's dad.
Rhianna was hot seated as Nim.

French Morning



In Year 3 we are now learning French!

We had a super French morning where we experienced four different activities - Tasting french food, Creating pictures in the style of Monet, finding out facts about France and using Decoupage to create pencil pots.

Painting in the style of Monet
Creating pencil pots using the art technique Decoupage
Using the computers to find out facts about France
Making a graph of our favourite french food

Music - Whole Class Brass Lessons


We are thoroughly enjoying our whole class brass lessons where we are learning to read and play music. 

Amelia learning to play her cornet!



We had a great time creating our Island pictures for the Art Exhibitiion. We mixed colours to create a wash for the sky and land and then used tissue paper to create the mountains, trees and characters. I hope you agree that they looked amazing once we had finished.

We are now looking forward to our next half term's topic called Hunters - Stone Age to Iron Age Britain. We are very lucky to have links with Leicester University and Dr Julie Attard, an archaeologist, who will be visiting our school weekly to help us plan and deliver a fantastic hands on and interesting historical aspect to our curriculum. 


Have a great Half Term!