Year 2 - Miss Hunt

We have one Year 2 class, taught by Miss Hunt who is also the schools Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

The Great Fire of London

Amazing Animals!


Newsletter - Year 2 - Autumn 2 2014
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Children have planned and made pirate boats in DT. We learnt how to use a saw and a sawing block to cut the wood for the sails. We used PVA glue to make the boats waterproof, but we were too scared to try them out in school because we wanted to show them in assembly. Enjoy trying them at home!



In maths we have been applying our knowledge of place value to complete  addition and subtraction problems. This has also helped us to double and halve 2 digit numbers. Children have also been learning how they can draw arrays to help with multiplication. Some children have been using ‘My Maths’ at home to play games and practise what we are learning in class.



In computing children have been using the iPads regularly. They have learnt how to write and debug algorithms  and completed the hour of code by using a programming game. Children had to program an Avatar (character) to complete certain tasks to move them through the levels. The classroom was almost silent as children were concentrating so hard!



Children have continued to learn about the needs of animals to survive and be healthy. We enjoyed looking at the new school guinea pigs; some of us had a hold of them until one of them had a little accident! We also had some first aid training so we know how to help others if they get hurt.



Year 2 have had a great time learning all about pirates. In literacy, we have been working on expanding our vocabulary by writing lots of pirate poetry; children wrote poems with similes, adventurous adjectives and rhyming words. We also did some work story writing work based around the books ‘A New Home for a Pirate’ and ‘The Night Pirates.’ We linked literacy with DT and we made ‘Pieces of Eight’ biscuits and pirate eye patches. We looked at the features of instructions and wrote our own to help other children make them!  All children are still working very hard on improving their presentation and lots are practising handwriting at home. This is paying off as we now have 5 pen licences in Year 2! In Geography we have learnt about how coordinates, symbols and keys are used on a map. We all loved making our own pirate treasure maps, especially making them look old by tea staining them.  Once the maps were finished we wrote instructions using compass points for people to follow to find the treasure! 


India Topic

Our first topic this year is about India.  In literacy, we have been studying 'The Tiger Child', which is a traditional tale from India.

We have been using our new iPads to learn how to independently research facts about tigers.  

We have also been using apps on the iPads to learn about computer programming and writing algorithms.  Ask some one in year 2 to explain all about 'algorithms'.

We have also cooked Indian food.  Mrs Clarke helped us to make samosas.

Finished samosas.


Handwriting has been a big focus, and the children have made excellent progress with this.  A few children have received handwriting certificates from Mr Smythe and many more are almost there.


Features of non fiction texts have been looked at, and then the children have written non-chronological reports about India. They have been learning and developing a new skill of listening to video clips and taking notes.  Then they have been using their notes to write compound sentences, using a variety of connectives, about India and comparing to England.  

Children working hard taking notes


In maths we have been working hard on place value and developing our understanding of the number system.  Some of the children have been working with 3 and 4 digit numbers!


We have also been comparing numbers and using the < > and = sign in number sentences.  The children have remembered this by the 'crocodile eating the largest number.' 

We have also looked at 2D shapes and been sorting them into a venn diagram according to their properties.


We have been looking at life cycles of humans, frogs and butterflies.


It has been really exciting, as we had 5 caterpillars in the classroom, and we watched them change through their life cycle into butterflies.  Friday 10th October was a sunny day, so we released the butterflies into the wildlife area. Take a look at the photos, although you'll have to look hard to spot those butterflies!