Reception - Mrs Burton and Mr Smythe 2014-2015


As we stood near the gates, at our little ones side,

Some jumping for joy, some wanting to hide.

We all had our worries; would they be happy inside?

When little did we know, they would take school in their stride.


Each month they have blossomed and learnt all things new,

Formed friendships and laughed, the whole year through.

And as Year 1 awaits; wow, hasn’t that flew?

We breathe a sigh of relief as THIS they can do!


And as they bounce out of Reception, all happy and loud

They are now part of the Newcroft family

And we couldn’t be more proud!


                                                            from an anonymous parent

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Spring Term 2 2015 - Animals

              Ash End House Farm Visit               Tuesday 2nd June 2015



One of our key focuses is to encourage the children to hold any writing implement they use correctly, including a paint brush.  Please help us by encouraging your child to hold any writing tool correctly.  We would like all of the children to hold their pencil using a tripod grip.  Any questions please ask.

Download the latest Reception Class Newsletter from below.

Spring Term 1 2015

Physical Development

The children are fantastic at getting changed independently and they are getting increasingly better at organising their own belongings.

With Mr Smythe, the children have been learning how to skip, hop, carry out a tucked, star and pencil jump, a curled roll and a pencil roll, as well as balancing, using our equipment safely.  Mr Smythe has even taught the children how to carry out a safe forward roll. 

Just for FUN!!
Here are some lovely activities to keep your children busy over the festive period. write a letter to Santa and see the reply appear before your very eyes! a real favourite of mine! The disco dancing Santa is fabulous! this is lovely and the children will love printing these off! Just enter a couple of pieces of information and your child will appear as a character in their very own story! a very interesting site, explaining all about the customs and traditions of Christmas. I loved this story! Maybe one for Christmas Eve? this made me giggle! Get the penguin to write your name in the snow. What about trying this to help with the spelling of those tricky words? Rudolph is missing! Read this lovely interactive story with your child. A great way of developing those comprehension skills. decorate the online Christmas tree build your very own snowman...without getting your hands cold! although these are based on American ‘grades’, some of these Christmas themed Maths worksheets are still really useful. lots of Christmas online activities to try. I really like the writing ideas, which use a framework and a word bank to help. Why not print some off to bring in to show?

We have 2 classes in our Reception.

Here are some of the things we have been learning about this term.

Some Really Useful Websites for our Reception Children

Phonics and Reading - Look at the letter shown and then select the picture that begins with that letter. - This is an amazing website focusing on the initial sounds. - the children are to focus on the initial sounds of the picture shown and then identify a picture with the same initial sound. - a good website for getting the children to identify the letters of the alphabet.


Maths - We really like this one as it helps to develop mouse skills as well as counting skills. - A simple but effective website. - Click on the pictures to make them colour. - this game works on ordering the numbers. - collect the acorns in number order. - The children must count the number of pieces of fruit and then click on the matching number. - This one is good. Count the items on the peacocks feathers and drag them to the number. - All the fun of the fair with this one! - another great game for developing the children’s number recognition. - For those children with number recognition beyond 10. This is a great game for them! Count the barrels in the water and then type in the number. Let’s see if you can sink the ship.



The children have been independently making sandwiches.


They learnt a new skill of spreading butter.  Various fillings were available for them to choose from.


Once made, maths skills were used to cut the sandwich into halves and quarters. 

'Bug' Jelly!

The children are having fun making jelly and putting jelly 'worm' sweets in it!


They have been putting their maths and reading skills to good practise, by working in small groups and sequencing and reading the recipe cards. The Reception children are becoming really independent in cooking now.


Children have had to select and operate the appropriate technology to dissolve the jelly. Some groups chose to use the microwave and some the kettle to boil hot water.


They also had to decide what bowl would be best to set their jelly in.  Some chose the biggest bowl possible (I think they thought it would be filled with jelly and the bigger the bowl, the more jelly to eat!)


The next day, the children didn't hesitate to remind me that they needed to eat the jelly!

Apple and Blackberry Crumble

The children worked as a team to chop the apples to make an individual crumble to take home.  They learned how to use the 'claw' technique to chop the fruit safely.


Rubbing the fat into the flour was another new technique they learnt to make the topping.


Vegetable Soup

The children made good use of their chopping skills this week.  Great teamwork was shown by the children as they worked with a partner and chopped onion, celery, peppers, carrots and potatoes.  


So many vegetables were chopped that it made five and a half litres of soup!  


Sorry for the delay in posting these photos, but we wanted it to be a suprise for you.  The children really enjoyed making the fudge, hope you enjoyed eating it!!


The photos show how independent and confident the children are getting with using sharp knives.  They are all very careful, and only pick one up when an adult is watching.


The children have learnt about the benefits of group working with this activity, as each group made a different variety of fudge, this was then shared out so they could take home several varieties.


Mrs Lloyd has reported how impressed she is with the children's kitchen hygiene.  Often, without being prompted, a queue forms at the sink, as the children understand the need for clean hands whilst cooking, and if they touch anything, they know they know they must wash their hands again.  


Cutting skills with sharp knives will be put to good use in the next task of making vegetable soup.  Please send in a container when requested, with a secure lid for them to bring this home in for you all to try.



Saag Aloo (3.12.14)

Saag Aloo (19.11.14)

Following on from Indian inspired cookery, we are now making Saag Aloo.


The children are learning about staying safe in a kitchen, particularly whilst there is sharp knives around.


The children are using their Maths and Literacy skills to sequence the recipe cards and follow them.


After chopping the onion, next was potato.  The children found this quite difficult to cut and needed a bit of adult help.


Spices and ginger were used again.

Saag Aloo (26.11.14)

The children are becoming really independent at using kitchen equipment.  Between them, they worked out how to assemble the electric chopper and get it to work.


Big knives to cut the potato into cubes.  The photos show how confident and competent the children are becoming with knives.

Lentil Dahl (29.10.14)

This week to link to our Diwali theme, we made Lentil Dahl. 


The children went into the cookery room for the first time as we needed to use the electric hob, so they learnt about safety in the kitchen.


The children worked independently but under adult supervision as sharp knives were used to chop the onion. There were a few tears this week as the onions were strong!  A mini grater was used to grate the ginger. Instructions were listened to and the children worked well as a team to produce the Lentil Dahl.


More groups will take part over the next two weeks.


Lentil Dahl (5.11.14)

More children made lentil dahl this week.  


The children safely used a sharp knife to chop the onion.


They are also learning how to operate electrical kitchen equipment, and they soon realised that the electrical chopping machine would not work because it was not switched on at the plug!


This group were good at working in a team and waiting for their turn.

Lentil Dahl (18.11.14)

This group of children worked well together and independently assembled the electric chopping machine. When it didn't work, they quickly realised it wasn't plugged in!

Fresh Fruit Milkshakes (1.10.14)

For the next 3 weeks, we are making milkshakes using fresh fruit.  


The children are developing their knife skills by cutting up fruit. They also took turns in operating the blender once Mrs Lloyd secured it onto the base.


The children worked in groups, with one making strawberry and the others banana.  They then shared and tasted both of them!



More Milkshakes! (8.10.14)

More children have been making milkshakes again this week.


The children are becoming more independent and they all chopped the fruit without any help.  Their knife skills are improving! Pouring skills are very good, with no spilt milk this week.


They are beginning to use their maths skills to sequence the numbered recipe cards to look at the pictures and tell me what we need to do next.


What fun they are having operating the blender!


Milkshakes Again! (15.10.14)

The last two groups made milkshakes, so now everyone has made them.


We had a few spillages of milk this week, but then the children showed brilliant teamwork, helping each other by holding the cup, so they could use two hands to lift and pour the carton of milk to overcome this.


These groups really enjoyed the milkshake as none was left after the tasting session!


Cooking is linked to our current topic of 'Bears'.  We have used a microwave to make porridge and learnt how to use a sharp knife safely to cut up apples and bananas.


Each child chose either honey, apple, banana or raisins to add to their porridge before eating it. 


You will see from the photos, some hungry bears ate all of their porridge before Goldilocks arrived!



24th September