Newcroft - Year 2

Summer 2 2014

This half term, we have enjoyed reading stories by Roald Dahl.

Our favourite has been “The Twits”. We have “magpied” some of Roald Dahl’s words and phrases and used them to write character descriptions of Mr Twit.

Mrs Holmes drew around two of the Robins and turned the outlines into Mr and Mrs Twit! The children then worked together to create the characters using paint and collage materials and we showed them in our assembly.

Following the assembly, the pictures were put on display and we added: the house with no windows where the Twits live; the big dead tree where Mr Twit caught birds for bird pie; the Muggle Wump monkeys who live in a cage in the garden and the Roly Poly bird.

After looking at the black and white illustrations drawn by Quentin Blake, we used charcoal to draw our own portraits of Mr Twit and added them to our display.

The display has been much admired by other people in the school!

The Robins have been working hard on Lemon Curd and Strawberry Jam, and after some of our other Maths work on division, some of the girls came up with the idea of “Chocolate Spread”, for division facts to work on after Strawberry Jam! Mr Smythe was so impressed that we got Class of the Week, in the same week as we showed our Twits pictures in assembly.

In P.E., we have been enjoying a five week cricket course with Heather Beattie, a Cricket Development Coach with Leicestershire and Rutland Cricket Limited and have been learning some new skills like batting, fielding, aiming and team work. We have just started Athletics and Mrs Gamble was very impressed with our first try at the hurdles – more to come after half term!

Robins - Mrs Holmes

PE: Athletics

This term year two are learning the correct techniques for different athletic events. They have started with hurdles.

Pupils started by walking the ‘leading leg, trailing leg’ dance.

By doing it this way they know that the leading leg must be straight and that the trailing has to be bent and at an angle.

Once they got the hang of this a very small hurdle was introduced, then they moved on to the adjustable hurdles starting on the lowest setting and moving to a higher one when confortable to do so. If pupils did not show good technique they were advised to stay on the lower hurdles.

In year two there are some budding athletes.


PE: Gymnastics, concentrating on landing.

Autumn Term 2 2013

The theme for this half term has been “Fame and Fire”.

We found out about the Gunpowder Plot, through role play – we used a simple script and everyone had a part to play.

We looked at different pictorial representations of Guy Fawkes and thought about what kind of character he was. We had some interesting discussions about whether he was bad or good – some people thought that he was good because he was trying to help the Catholics who were being persecuted by King James, while others thought that he was bad person because he tried to blow up the king. We learned that we can have different opinions from each other and that everyone doesn’t always agree!

The children have been very interested in the Great Fire of London. We have sequenced the events, found out how and where the fire started, why it lasted so long and what happened after the fire. We read extracts from Samuel Pepys diaries and with the help of pictures and sound effects on the interactive whiteboard, imagined ourselves back in London in September1666! We then wrote our own diaries as if we were eye-witnesses to the fire.

In dance, the children developed a dance sequence based on different types of fireworks, in response to music. They began by working individually, then worked with a partner, and finally worked in their house teams to produce a group dance. They enjoyed taking it in turns to be the audience and the performers and evaluating each other’s work.

In Science, we have been looking at electricity. We investigated how to put batteries into a torch to make it work and discovered that we have to put them in the right way round in order to make the light come on. WE have made simple circuits and are going to experiment with making switches so that we can make a circuit to light a model of the Great Fire of London.

Next term, we begin an epic journey from “Pole-to-Pole”!


Autumn Term 1


Next half term, our theme is “Fame and Fire” – some exciting things to look forward to, including Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, and the Great Fire of London!


The theme for Year 2 this half term has been “Seaside”.


We looked at features of the seaside, using photographs and listed Natural and man-made features. We enjoyed using Google Maps to look at aerial pictures of seaside places and compared them with Shepshed, to see which features were similar and which were different.


Our History study took us back in time to the seaside in Victorian times and using a program on the internet, we were able to travel back in time on the “Time Travel Train”. Looking out of the carriage window, we could see a beach and promenade in Victorian times and were able to find out about the sorts of activities they enjoyed at the seaside. Some were similar to those we enjoy today, and some were quite different –we decided that we wouldn’t like to wear Victorian style clothes on the beach!


Grace Darling was a heroine and we found out why she is remembered, and wrote a recount of her famous exploit.


In Art, we looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh, and how he used lines to create movement in his work. We experimented with his style, using pencils and drawing tools in the “Paint” program on the computers. Finally painted a picture of Grace Darling, rescuing the survivors of the Forfarshire in a stormy sea, using Van Gogh’s technique.


In Dance, we have been working individually, in pairs and in groups, to rehearse, improve and perform dances with the themes of “Ebb and Flow”, where we created the movement of waves, and “Shells”.


Our Science has had a seaside theme too – we have been studying creatures that live around the coast. We have sorted them into groups and explained our sorting criteria, and thought about how different creatures are suited to their environment.


1 2014

The theme for this half term has been “Pole-to-Pole”.

We have “travelled” from the Arctic, via Europe and
Africa, through deserts and rainforests and will be ending our journey in the
Antarctic just after half term!

The children worked as “research teams” to find out
about different aspects of life in the Arctic and made a verbal presentation of
the facts they had discovered to the whole class. Using these same facts, each
group then produced an information poster using pictures, labels, captions and
text boxes full of facts and these are now on display in the classroom.

While in Europe, we looked at volcanoes and the
children did some research using books and other information to collect
interesting facts. In ICT they are using these facts to create simple
PowerPoint slides.

We also found an interesting piece of art featuring a
volcano and have been using paper collage, a paint blowing technique and
coloured pastels to create our own volcano pictures. These will soon be on
display in the classroom.

The children had great fun learning and retelling the
story of “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. We did this together as a communal story.
First of all the children listened and watched while Mrs Holmes told the story,
which had lots of actions to go with the words. Next, we told the story
together, with the children joining in with the actions and repetitive phrases.
After that, the children told the story together, while Mrs Holmes prompted
them with the actions and a few sentence starters. The children then used a
story map and retold the story with and to a partner, until they could remember
it without the story map.

Once the story was well-known verbally, the children
wrote it, using their story maps, and sometimes reminding themselves about what
came next by using the actions. They wrote some great stories!

Finally, the Robins performed the story to the whole
school and visiting parents, during celebration assembly on Friday 14th
February. They did a brilliant job, working as a team to engage the whole
audience, and as a result were awarded “Class of the Week”!

What a great way to end the half term!