Newcroft - Year 3

Year 3 - Summer Term 1 2014

To Infinity and Beyond

Our Space topic has been one of our favourite topics this year, especially when the Planetarium visited and we were able to star gaze!

In Maths we have carried out practical activities to develop our Capacity  and  Problem solving skills!

For Design and Technology we have planned, made and evaluated our own Space Rockets:

As you can see we have had a very busy term and a successful year with lots of progress being made.

We are now getting ready to move on to Year 4 and I wish all the children good luck in their new classes!


I hope you all a very happy Summer Holiday.




Year 3 - Summer Term 1 2014


The Egyptians

We have all enjoyed studying the Egyptians and we have learnt lots of new and exciting things.

In History we have learnt  important dates and events for the Ancient Egyptians and how this fits in with other historical periods.

A timeline of events for the Ancient Egyptians

In Geography we have been studying the location of Egypt in Africa and the importance of the River Nile for food and farming.

A map of Egypt
The Egyptian Farming Year

In Maths we have been learning how to use a compass and a protractor for drawing circles and measuring angles. Some of us then used this skill to draw a circle and split it into three equal parts for our Egyptian Farming Year work above.

Using a compass
using a protractor

In Literacy we have been writing newspaper reports on The Discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb. We have used our ICT skills to present our work so that it looks like a real newspaper article. We used different fonts, font sizes and colours and we have inserted a picture and written in columns.

Our newspaper articles
Using our ICT skills to present our newspaper reports

Our creative homework this term has been amazing!

We have made step pyramids, mummy cases, SNAP cards, pyramids out of Lego and a Cartouche in Hieroglyphics.

A Step Pyramid
Egyptian models made out of Lego
A Cartouche in Hieroglyphics

As you can see we have had a very busy and productive half term. We will be moving onto our final topic of the school year shortly which is Space and we hope to have a Planetarium visit school where we can learn more about the stars and planets.



Year 3 - Spring Term 2 2014


We have been learning about position and direction. We have practised quarter, half and full turns. We have given directions to a blindfolded friend to help them find their way through a maze.


This half term Year 3 have been studying magnets and magnetism. We used iron filings to find out more about Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Poles.

We have also kept a diary on the Chickens to help us learn the life cycle of a chicken. Here are some of us having a cuddle!

Art and Design

We have been designing our own T-shirts based upon 'The Shirt Machine' by Jon Davis. 

We then used fabric paints, fabric pens, buttons and thread to make our T-shirts.

We have learnt two new basic life skills: how to sew on a button and how to iron a piece of clothing.

We invited our parents to help us with our T-shirts.

P.E - Tennis

In P.E. lessons we have been learning tennis skills such as the correct way to stand and hold a racket, forehand, backhand shots and serving. 

Superb concentration!
Forehand and backhand

To end the term we had a Science team challenge where we had to protect and insulate an egg so that it would not break when dropped from a height of 2 metres.

Four groups were successful. Here are some pictures of our eggciting morning!!!

Now how shall we do it?
The finished design!
3, 2, 1 drop!
This egg survived!
This one didn't!!!


As you can see we have had a very creative half term and we now look forward to our new topic The Egyptians.


Hope you have an eggcellent Easter!!!! 


Year 3 - Spring Term 1 2014


This half term Year 3 have been using and applying their mathematical skills by measuring each other’s height in centimetres and metres.

We have also weighed objects using different types of kitchen scales.

Physical Education: We have been learning how to play hockey

We have been learning new skills to enable us to dribble the ball carefully around cones. We have learnt how to hold the hockey stick correctly and how to pass the ball to a partner. 

We are now able to shoot at a goal and play mini hockey matches to use the skills we have been taught.


Art: We have been learning how to create a picture in the style of William Morris

The children studied paintings by William Morris and designed their own wallpaper using the same style.

All the children in the class used clay to reproduce a William Morris design which will be displayed in the entrance hall of the school.

ICT / Data Handling: We have been learning how to use Excel to create graphs

In Maths we have been finding out which month children in Year 3 have a birthday. Some of us have used Excel to input the data and create graphs. We have learnt how to add a title, label the axes and change the type of graph to suit the data collected.

Literacy: We have been learning how to read and perform descriptive poetry

The children have been sharing poetry and choosing their favourite poems and giving reasons why. In pairs the children were asked to perform their favourite poem using intonation and expression. Some used actions and some even sang their poem, a very creative morning!!

Another busy half term!


Our new topic next half term will be Ingenious Inventions where we will research some of the most important inventions of all time. We will then have a go at inventing something ourselves!


Year 3 - Autumn Term 2 2013

Religious Education / ICT: We have been learning about Diwali and What it means to Hindus

Some children produced a detailed picture of Ganesh or Lakshmi and others produced an information sheet using their ICT skills.

Physical Education: We have been learning How to Setand Block in Volley Ball

We have been learning new skills to enable us to set the ball to team mates and block the ball to stop opponents scoring and to try and score ourselves. We have learnt where to stand and how to handle the ball correctly.

Art / Topic: We have been learning how to make a picture of a Roman Gladiator

We used paints, crepe paper, foil and card to produce our Roman Gladiators. They are now proudly guarding our classroom!

Literacy: We have been learning how to set out a set of instructions

In Literacy we have looked at the key features of Instruction Writing. The children were put into groups to produce a clear set of instructions for simple tasks such as How to Brush your Teeth. The children then presented their work to each other.

Drama / Topic: We have been learning how to re-enact the story of Romulus and Remus using expression, intonation and appropriate drama techniques.

The children were able to retell the myth accurately and in sequence. Narrators and those with speaking parts spoke clearly and with expression. Appropriate actions helped to support the retelling. Facial expressions were developed too!

Year 3 - Autumn 1 2013

We are the Owls

Owls - Mrs Atkinson

In Year 3 we have had a very busy and productive half term. Our class name is The Owls and we have each made an owl and put individual targets on the wings of the owls for us to work on this half term.

Our topic is Islands and we have been finding out about different islands around the World as well as designing and creating our own. Very soon we will be starting our Art and Design project where we will make our Papier Mache dream islands and create an information sheet using our ICT skills to explain the key features of the Island created.

R.E. Seder Plates

In R.E. we have been studying signs and symbols and we have produced our own version of the Seder plate, the plate used at the Passover meal.

P.E. gymnastics

In P. E. we have been sequencing movements gracefully using a prop and moving in time to the music. We have also practised throwing and catching using small and large sized balls. We enjoy playing Bench Ball to use and apply the skills taught.

Science - Rocks and Soils

In Science we have been studying Rocks and Soils. We have sorted rocks, used a hand lens to observe different types of rocks closely and tested the strength of rocks. We have carried out experiments to understand the corrosion of rock, to see that chalk is porous and to show that particles of different sizes can be separated by sieving.

Music - Cyclic patterns

In Music we have been creating cyclic patterns based on our class identity. One group came up with “We are the Owls, we work hard.” We performed some of the cyclic patterns in our Celebration Assembly.

As you can see, we have worked really hard and covered lots of interesting and exciting things this half term. I look forward to next half term when the topic will be The Romans.


As part of the project we have learnt two basic life skills: How to sew on a button and how to iron a piece of clothing.