Newcroft - Year 4

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Spring Term

Year 4

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We have had another busy term improving our maths skills. We are continually working on our mental maths; using strawberry jam and lemon curd. Lots of us are moving quickly through these! We also used the arrival of the chicks to do some investigative maths, which we found quite tricky. To investigate we used trial and error and had to persevere even when it got frustrating!


We have been working on both fiction and non fiction this half term.

We used the story of Goodnight Mister Tom and looked closely at the characters in this story. We then compared this story to The Lion and the Unicorn, looking at the similarities and differences between the two. From these stories we wrote letters from the perspective of different characters.

We wrote non chronological reports about how life would be as an evacuee. This linked to our history work, as we tried to include both primary and secondary evidence into our reports.

In English we also wrote some newspaper reports documenting the arrival of the chicks at our school. We learnt about the features of newspaper reports and wrote our own article including as many as we could. We had to try really hard to make sure our writing stayed formal and in past tense!


Lots of children have continued to enjoy swimming this half term. With Mrs Gamble they have also been starting to learn to play tag rugby.


In Topic this term we have been looking at World War 2 - a topic that has really interested us! We learnt where, why and when the World War started, and about the leaders of the Axis and Allied countries. We used all of the information we found out about the War to produce time lines of the key events.

We thought about what it would be like to be an evacuee during the War and to have to leave our families. We thought of lots of questions we would like to ask an evacuee if we had the opportunity to, making sure that the questions we came up with were open questions. There was then an opportunity for us to collect some primary evidence from some visitors who came in to answer our questions!


We were also really fortunate this term to go on a trip to Beaumanor Hall to experience life as an evacuee. We made gas masks and ID cards and were bundled away on a bus to our new home in the countryside. Here we learnt about rationing, Y centres, decoding and even experienced an air raid!

Beaumanor Hall

Evacuee Visit

Maths investigation