Newcroft - Year 5

Eagles - Miss Ogle and Mr Smythe

Current topic – Our topic for this term is Ancient Greeks. We will be learning about the lifestyle of the Ancient Greeks and famous battles. On Thursday 15th May we had a fantastic Ancient Greek day with TimeZone. We began the morning by dressing up as Ancient Greeks and had a class debate about whether Athens or Sparta should lead the war. After this, we played some really fun Ancient Greek games. Next, we learned about the Ancient Greek alphabet and numbers. We practised writing using ink and a quill and a wax tablet and stylus. We ended the day with some exciting military training! There are lots of photos of our fantastic day below.


Literacy – This term we have been focussing on myths and legends. We have spent a lot of time working on Ancient Greek myths, such as Theseus and the Minotaur, and are building up to writing our own exciting myths.


Maths – We have been practising our written and mental methods for solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We have also been doing lots of work on place value, partitioning, ordering and rounding numbers.


Science – Our science topic is Earth, moon and sun. We have been looking at our solar system and the movement of the Earth.

Ancient Greek Day!

Athletics: Hurdles, Long Jump and Throwing.

With the Town Sports coming up, year 4 and 5 are already in training. During PE, pupils have been learning the correct technique for each athletic event. They have not jumped over high hurdles until they got the hang of demonstrating a leading leg and a trailing leg. Pupils have the opportunity to progress at their own pace. They are provided with hurdles set at different heights, as you can see in the photographs we have some very successful hurdlers.  

Our long jump pit has had a makeover this year, thanks to Mr Smith we have a weed free run up and sand pit, pupils are encouraged to pace out their run up and alter it according to where they take off.

I am amazed at some of the pupils throwing skills. They get their arm right back and lean into the throw with great results.

Eagles Get Help With Kwik-Cricket

Tammy Beaumont, England Ladies Cricketer, helped the Eagles during PE. Newcroft went on to win the level 2 Kwick-Cricket tournament at Shepshed High School.

On Tuesday 25th March two GCSE/ A-level business and maths teachers from Hind Leys visited  our Year 5 class to teach them about starting their own business.  This was to help them with their current 'Dragons' Den' business enterprise topic.
They designed and made a box for a new Easter egg.  They thought about about costs, advertising, persuasion, revenue and profit. They had a strict time limit to design and make the whole product and then presented their work to the class and the visiting teachers.  The Hind Leys staff were very impressed, saying the Newcroft children made the best primary presentations they had seen!
Well done to all of them!

Eagles meet the Chicks

Place value
Measuring,using a non-standard unit. Feet!
Measuring, using a standard unit. Metres.

Science, gases around us

Designing fair ride signs.

Warburtons visit the Eagles

Cycling Skills

Nelson Mandela

We have been learning about Nelson Mandela, South Africa and apartheid.  We looked at photos of young children living in ramshackle and run-down townships outside big cities and used drama to imagine what life would be like for them.  We used our understanding to write letters as if we lived there, showing we could empathise with different people.

P.E. This half term we are learning skills for badminton

Eagles have been learning basketball skills in PE in preperation for the North Charnwood Tournament.